We make reusables the new normal in everyday life

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- Buckminster Fuller

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Three organisations, joining forces to anchor reusable packaging in our society for good. There will be no escaping it, since disposables will become a thing of the past. You’ll buy your coffee in a cup that must be returned, your online order will be delivered in a box that can be reused when send back, and your meals will be delivered in containers that – once washed – might come around again.

Enviu Enviu knows how to build successful companies out of innovative ideas that stimulate circularity, Recycling Netwerk Benelux is an expert in the field of disposable plastics and reuse, and Natuur & Milieu works together with people, companies and the government on concrete solutions. With the revolutionary transition programme Mission Reuse, we jointly make reusables visible, accessible and affordable for all.

Mission Reuse -

Puts into practise

Mission Reuse is primarily about testing reuse concepts in a physical environment. This includes systems that are necessary for distributing, collecting and cleaning packaging. We learn more about consumer preferences and how the business model works. If this turns out to be successful, Mission Reuse will link the entrepreneurs to major parties. Ready to change the world.

Lobbies for change

With a well-substantiated agenda and years of experience, we pave the way for change at policy-level. We ensure that innovative, new solutions are supported and stimulated by the government to become anchored. We share our knowledge and ensure that the right people, with the right information, make the best decisions.

Tells a good story

Tells a good story

We focus on concrete solutions for specific packaging flows that make an actual difference. We share these success stories with the public, companies and policy makers. But there is no solution without a problem: litter, oceans full of waste and a society where disposing is normal. The solution requires changing from a culture build upon disposables, to a circular system in which reuse is the standard.” afval en een samenleving waarin weggooien normaal is. De oplossing vraagt om verandering van een wegwerpcultuur naar een circulair systeem waarbij hergebruik de standaard is.

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Do you want to explore this topic, but don’t feel like googling? Here, you’ll find important studies, papers and articles.

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‘If it could be done alone, it wouldn’t be worth doing.’ Join us!

Mission Reuse is not a solo mission. Changes are made together. We are therefore proud of the support by our partners.

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Mission Reuse is looking for companies from different sectors to collaborate with for new reusable solutions. Would you like to know more and talk to us about the possibilities for your company, please contact us!

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