Webinar ‘The Future of Glass: Opportunities and Challenges of Reuse’

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Glass is a timeless packaging material, and that’s not without reason. It preserves the taste, aroma, and quality of food and beverages better than many other packaging materials, providing a good barrier against light, oxygen, and other external influences. However, there is a downside: the production and recycling generate significant CO2 emissions. This can be done differently, as glass is ideally suited for reuse. There are several success stories of reusing glass on a large scale, and experimentation is in full swing on several fronts. Yet, large-scale reuse is not yet the norm. Time for change!


Monday, February 26, 2024, 11:00 - 12:00 CET


Online, Teams

For who

Packaging and beverage manufacturers, distributors, bottlers, retail, governments, innovators


Thijs Wester (PAKT), Nienke Nijholt (Mission Reuse), Elise Lippens (Mission Reuse)

The take-outs

  • Understanding the potential impact that glass reuse can have
  • Understanding of operational and logistical impacts of reuse
  • In-depth understanding of the main opportunities and challenges associated with the transition to reuse
  • Introduction to other parties who are actively involved in this transition, want to establish partnerships, and contribute to a circular economy

What will be covered

In this webinar, we share insights from our in-depth research on glass packaging, and our pilot with several hospitality businesses. Together with PAKT, experts on glass packaging sorting and washing, we’ll talk about the potential impact of reuse, and the biggest opportunities and challenges in this transition. And of course there will be plenty of room for questions and interaction.

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