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With Cup for Life, the Mission Reuse team is launching a solution to keeping 3 billion coffee cups off the street each year. How? We are building a sustainable business case with stakeholders. Together with restaurant Vers en Lebkov Lebkov in Utrecht, we test what works and what doesn’t. Very concretely, by asking customers and by testing reusable cups. We use this data to continue to roll out the project.

The Dutch government also plays an important role. In the summer of 2019, the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) was adopted by the European Commission. The Mission Reuse policy team is working within main governmental bodies to ensure that this Directive is transposed into legislation for the Netherlands so that sustainable alternatives are stimulated, and disposables are phased out.

And of course we, as consumers and fans of on-the-go drinks, are a hugely important factor. That is why we look at what works and what does not. For you, fan of your flat white, it should be a nice, handy cup in which your coffee tastes good. Which you can easily return somewhere, without too much hassle and too many extra costs. So that you too can proudly say, single use is a thing of the past for my flat white. Do you want to show that you support our mission? Then share your photo of your drink in the Cup for Life cup on Instagram and tag us @missionreuse

We investigated the potential of switching from disposable to reusable cups in the Netherlands. It turns out, consumers are calling out for sustainable options, proven concepts offer opportunities for companies, the business community is curious, and European legislation is encouraging member states to make a transition from disposables to reusables. In other words: momentum for the transition to reusable cups is now! Lees Read our full (Dutch) report ‘Weg met de wegwerpbeker’.  

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