Reusable cups in walking area ‘Kaapse Bossen’

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Within our Cup for Life project, we are looking at the various options for replacing disposable cups with reusable varieties. On Friday, April 2nd, we tested, together with the catering establishment Chalet Helenaheuvel in Doorn, whether a system with reusable cups would work in the Kaapse Bossen nature reserve.

Last year we walked a lot and enjoyed the beautiful nature that the Netherlands has to offer. We prefer to do this with a coffee to go in our hands. But unfortunately that also means that the bins in nature reserves were bulging and disposable cups were found everywhere. What if we can prevent that by using reusable cups? You buy your latte, walk around and then return your cup. Zero waste.

A good idea said GoedVolk, Natuurmonumenten and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. Together with Chalet Helenaheuvel, we tested a number of things on Good Friday. Do customers like the idea? Does it work for the restaurant? Do all the cups come back?

“Why haven’t we been doing this?” Was the frequently heard response from customers. 85% of the people who bought a drink at Chalet Helenaheuvel that day opted for the reusable cup. The 15% who did not said not to return to the location and therefore don’t be able to return the cup. In the end, all but three cups came back neatly.

With the feedback from Steffen and Diana from Chalet Helenaheuvel, Mission Reuse is now further building a business model that could work for other restaurant owners who can be found in nature reserves.

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