Resuable meal boxes

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“Fan of take-away and delivery? Who isn’t! Enjoy your dinner on the couch with a movie. No more than three minutes in the kitchen (to get plates and cutlery) and still being able to feast on your favourite meal. Especially at this time, when take-away, delivery and DIY meals are the most important and only source of income for restaurants, we warmly want to applaud ordering meals.

That is why Mission Reuse starts the Take Back Box project: meals in containers that will be reused. Imagine for a moment: you get your meal at your local restaurant in handy and sturdy containers. You use the same packaging to store the leftovers and heat them up the next day. Empty container? Simply wash it off and return the packaging to the restaurant. Zero waste.

Our mission is to enable all take-away and delivery meals to be served in these reusable containers, so that they arrive neatly at your home without any disposable waste. That saves a lot of trash. In an ideal world, you would also be able to hand in your container at various return points, from which the containers will be brought back to the restaurant.

A dream becomes reality when you start with a first step. So we will start with a pilot in collaboration with restaurant Broei in Utrecht, during the weekend of January 2, 2021. Fancy their weekly changing DIY-menu? Then you can make use of the Take Back Boxes. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive a € 2.50 discount on your menu. You pay a € 15 deposit and get that back as credit when you return the containers neatly.

herbruikbaar bakje Take Back Box met afhaalmaaltijd

Sounds good, right? Since February 24, you can also order other dinner dishes in these boxes in addition to the DIY menu. This concerns delivery orders that you can place via the BROEI website. You will then receive a € 1 discount per dish and a € 2.50 deposit. You can have the trays picked up in a time slot chosen by you. You will then receive the deposit back in the form of a refund or as credit. #supportyourlocal

With this first step, we’ll collect important information to properly start our scale-up pilot later on. We need you for that. We want to know from you how you experience the method, what you think of the deposit model, whether the design of the container is important and what the precise conditions are to make this great. Are you participating in our mission? Get off to a good start in 2021, get your meal at Broei and let us know what you think! Do you want to show that you support our mission? Then share your photo of your meal in the Take Back Box on Instagram and tag us @missionreuse

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