Reusable shipping packaging

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Three items in your shopping cart and two clicks away. The next day your newly bought things will be on the doormat. More than a million orders are sent every day in the Netherlands. This also means more than a million cardboard boxes that are immediately thrown away after the trip to your living room.

But we recycle them anyway, right? Recycling cardboard is difficult. It is a major problem for waste processing within municipalities to cope with the enormous supply of cardboard. In addition, the process of recycling still consumes a lot of energy. Time for a change. A reusable option for shipping packaging?

Consumer demand
Many consumers appear to be open to this. We asked customers of online stores about the options for reusable. The majority indicated that they would opt for this if the packaging is good and sturdy. “Convenience is key”, was the feedback. Current packaging is a major irritation for consumers.

“As long as the costs are low and there is a system to quickly return the packaging to the delivery person or supermarket, I would do this.” The survey revealed that the reusable options are only chosen if they are free or have a small additional cost of a maximum of € 2,-.

Options for reusable shipping packaging
Both insights represent an important first step for the Mission Reuse team to further develop the possibilities of reusable shipping packaging. Through our channels we will keep you informed about the pilots we are launching and also the recommendations for supporting policy. Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Let us know.

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