Reusable systems

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Curious about which systems there are and which can work for your catering establishment? See the overview of the different providers.


Ozarka, Take Away, Without Throwing Away. We all love the convenience and variety of takeout and delivery meals. But we don't like the plastic hangover! Ozarka has the solution. We replace the single-use plastic packaging with reusable sustainable packaging.


Deliver food or have it collected without waste? Which can! With PackBack, packaging does not end up in the trash, but is collected, cleaned and reused with the next order.

Billie Cup

Billie Cup is a low-threshold and low-tech sharing system in which the consumer uses a take away cup for a € 1 deposit. The cups are washed by the catering business and can be reused for hot and cold drinks, but also, for example, ice creams and smoothies. They are available and exchangeable from all participating partners.


SwapBox focuses on circular packaging and aims to eliminate all single-use plastics within the delivery and collection industry. Via the SwapBox app, consumers can easily and completely waste-free order food from a large number of participating restaurants in the Netherlands.


reCIRCLE offers reusable solutions for drinks and food to go. The products are easy to clean, dry quickly, ventilate well and stack easily. They are made of PBT material which is heat and freeze resistant. It is odorless, vegan and can be used hundreds of times without losing its quality.


WeCup, the recyclable deposit To Go cup. WeCup is a very easy and accessible system. When buying a To Go coffee you pay € 1 extra for your To Go cup. When you finished your coffee, you hand in the cup and you get € 1 back.


Vytal is an app-based reusable packaging system for takeaway and food and beverages delivery, which allows users to borrow high-quality reusable containers from partner restaurants for free without paying a deposit. Vytal provides the right incentives for eco-friendly behavior and a real sustainable solution, allowing partners to save costs compared to disposable packaging and users to return the containers at a rate of 99.3% within 14 days.


CupXchange offers a complete “cups-as-a-service” solution with sustainable, reusable cups and storage facilities.They deliver and pick up the cups with zero emission transport and clean the cups at local cleaning facilities, to minimize the impact on the environment. All you have to do is enjoy a carefree cup of coffee at the office.

Are you a provider of a reusable (catering) solution that others should know about?

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